Oath for Practitioners

Standards for the Energy Practitioner

Declaration of Responsibility

Energy Practitioner’s Contract with the Peoples of the Earth


In the time of Man and in the written history of Man there has never been a time when the species of the Earth’s peoples have been destroyed at such a rapid rate and the Earth’s environment has seen such rapid changes. We all live on our planet. As such the Energy Practitioner must see the countries and peoples of the world as inextricably linked. As an Energy Practitioner we must be held to the highest standards both personally and professionally so that we may, by example in our lives and actions taken, promote the health and healing of the Earth and its peoples.


We, Energy Practitioners of the world, solemnly commit ourselves to:

  1. First do no harm.
  2. Respect all life on the planet and provide aid and support as needed within the limits of our training and capacity.
  3. Respect human life and the dignity of every individual human.
  4. Refrain from supporting or committing crimes against the beings of the earth and condemn all such acts both with personal and professional action.
  5. Support the sick and injured with competence and compassion and without prejudice to the best of our skills and abilities.
  6. Continue throughout our lives to seek and to advance our personal development and skills and understanding of the way in which the web of life is woven so that these skills and such wisdom that we have gained may be in service to the peoples of the Earth.
  7. Provide advocacy to the peoples of the earth with particular attention given to those who do not have a voice or sufficient voice to make a necessary change.
  8. Work freely with colleagues to discover, develop, and promote advances in the Energy Practices, health and healing and that ameliorate suffering and contribute to the well-being of the peoples of the Earth.
  9. Teach and mentor those who follow us for they are the future of our caring profession.
  10. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of those for whom we care and breach that confidence only when keeping it would seriously threaten their health and safety or that of others.
We Make These Promises Solemnly, Freely, and Upon Our Personal and Professional Honor