(National Certification Center of Energy Practitioners)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Because representatives, beginning in 2010 contacted the ISSSEEM community leadership. Contact has continued through more than one administration of the Federal Government. Members of our community felt that it was better that we as a community defined the appropriate aspects, limits and regulations from within the community instead of the government doing it for us. None of us wanted formal legislation and we have tried to find a better solution but we have not found one yet. However, none of us were comfortable having a representative who knows nothing about our industry give us the rules and regulations. We believe it is better for regulation to come from within the community.

We are trying to be the bridge between what consumers need, what practitioners need, what health care clinics and hospitals need, what state legislation requires and what federal agencies are asking to have in place. If we are a bridge, we have the opportunity to shape how legislation gets written to support the larger community.
Yes, if you go to the NAOEP web site you will find links to 15,000+ research studies both positive and negative about our industry. We are building an evidence base.
Our perspective is, when energy healing of any kind is doing correctly, it is safe. However, a poorly or improperly prepared or unethical practitioner has the potential to create harm.
NCCOEP was founded as a testing center and to act as a national trade board to advocate for our industry.
Not true. Only states can license people. The NCCOEP provides testing and certification that you have met the division defined national certification standards.
Not true. The NCCOEP does not approved or deny training. NCCOEP will verify that you have had training by contacting the program that gave you your certificate. If you are a practitioner who has had a natural opening please contact the office as your certification process is different. If you are a Qigong or Taiji lineage holder please see the pdf under application for the correct information.
Not true. Neither NCCOEP or NAOEP provides the classes listed above.

NAOEP's members provide energy healing classes of a variety of styles and types some do include ethics training. Many other energy healing training programs include ethics training. Please ask your training program if they include ethics training. Most local universities offer ethics courses and there are a number of great books out that cover training in ethics on CAM and on Energy Healing.

NCCOEP does have an ethics test for practitioners. That test is standard across all divisions. Everyone takes the same ethics test. It is done the same way for physicians, nurses, etc. Everyone does an ethics test at the national level. All members of that profession take the same test that year.

For licensing most states require CPR, child and elder abuse reporting and some training on suicide assessment and referral for all health care practitioners and many states also require them of pastors who are working with the public and not just members of the religious community. They are not requirements for national certification.

Some divisions include anatomy and physiology as a requirement. The practitioner can take a college or university class, a training in a health care discipline such as Massage, Nursing, Chiropractic which includes anatomy and physiology. We also have posted an online course that is accepted at most hospitals in the country. Please note that NAOEP and NCCOEP do not receive any money from any course or agency that we recommend.
Depending on your choice of classical vs. clinical you do have the option to take an empirical test. You do not have to take the test if you are joining the classical division. You both the option to take the empirical test OR you can have a team of three senior practitioners watch you do a healing and approve your skills for the clinical division. There is an empirical test that was specifically created for Reiki practitioners and has gone through a number of scientific studies. You can read the journal article at:
States decide who is grandfathered not the NCCOEP. If you want your state to include grandfathering in the state bill please speak to your state/local representative. NCCOEP is verifying your training, that you have liability insurance and to confirm you understand ethics and standards of practice.
You have a choice. You can practice until licensing is put in place in your state. Then you would need to decide to become licensed or to become a volunteer. As a volunteer you could still practice, you just would not be paid.

Be aware that if you are a Qigong or Taiji practitioner and are teaching in the park none of the current bills ask for you to become licensed. It is only for practitioners in a clinical setting.
At this time in the US, health care is licensed on a state by state basis. We have included provisions for reciprocity in each bill. If you want to help make sure there is no issue with doing distance work or working across state lines you should talk to your state/local representatives to be sure that provision remains in the bill.
There are already a number of international trade laws that cover this issue. These laws are federal and are already in place. Please check with a US attorney that specializes in this area to be sure you meet the international requirements.
We are the only real national certifying body for the community of energy healers in the US at this time. If you want to create your own certifying agencies then you can. Our group worked on the process from 2010-2021 to develop our first bill. Be aware that no other health care profession has multiple certifying agencies at the base level so it will take real effort to get this added to existing legislation. And we cannot include organizations that have not been created yet. If you develop your own certifying process you can put in amendments to existing bills that will include your group.
We have talked with experts and our experts say that in most states there is no conflict. Please check with your attorney to get the specifics for the area in which you live.
    Here are the key points:
  1. The constitution gives people the right to worship in the house of worship that they choose. That is not the same thing as doing a healing any way you want and wherever you want. There is lots of legislation across the US that backs that up.
  2. Healings that are done in houses of worship are specifically exempted from the bill as they are done under federal law which already exists.
  3. In most states being ordained is not enough to protect you legally. The way most of the laws are written you would have to be doing regular services, be working on a member of your congregation and in a congregational setting. You cannot be doing the work and get paid. If you are paid and you have no official congregation or you are working on someone who is not a member of your congregation then you probably come under the same issue as pastoral counseling which in most states also requires licensing as a therapist.
We recommend that you read Attorney Michael Cohen's book: Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion and check with a local expert.
Yes, there is a problem with children and adults being trafficked and using energy healing to hide what is happening. Yes, human trafficking happens in every state. We want to limit the incursion of this process into our field. So setting appropriate boundaries and cooperating with local authorities is part of that process. Then we solve the issue as fast as possible. Yes, we have dialogued with various State Attorney General's offices. We added material to bills at their request.
It is standard for health care professionals and many businesses to require CPR. It is so that if a person does have a heart attack, you can help. It is not specific to energy healing. Most states also require pastors to have CPR. Teachers in public schools are also all required to have CPR.
No, they do not. We are not being funded by any entity, pharmacological or otherwise, nor do any of the board members have stock in any pharmacology companies. The NCCOEP and NAOEP have been developed with sweat equity. Board members are volunteers and are not allowed to make money from their specific organization. Instead, every board member has committed personal funds to pay the bills.
We have spoken with and gotten input from hundreds of practitioners, close to 500 training programs, hospitals, consumer groups, Attorney General's offices etc. All of the requirements for each division were set by individuals and representatives of training programs from that division.
Very true. We have taken down the list because people and training programs were being harassed. If you have a question about whether your training program is included please talk with that program or contact us. We would be delighted check and if they are not included, to include as many training programs as want to be involved. It is free to be included.
We invite people in our community to get involved, be involved and stay involved. If you are interested in working on legislation in your state, please contact the office and we will put your in touch with a team member.
We do not think all Reiki practitioners practice in the same way. In fact we have found 156 different kinds of Reiki being practiced in this country and more are being developed on a regular basis. We had 15 different forms of Reiki represented in the division groups that set the standards. If you have an interest in being a part of the division team developing standards they will be reviewed in 2025. We invite you to let us know you are interested. This is a community process and we want community input.
Good question! All of the board members of both boards have a minimum of ten years clinical experience each as an energy practitioner or they cannot be on the boards. It is not about us making money. As board members, we are not allowed to be paid by the organization. We all work for free and in fact every board member has put in their own money to move this process forward.
Not true. There are lots of people advertising on the web that have practitioners making claims that they can solve all sorts of health care, emotional and spiritual issues. Raising awareness on how to practice properly is part of this process.
They are not supposed to do so but we have found that many do.
That does not match the data. A cottage industry is a small group of families producing goods. We researched MA for example. We found over 2000 practitioners advertising on the web. That is not a cottage industry. In contrast, Acupuncture is considered a profession in MA and they only have 679 practitioners in the state. Cottage industry also implies that people are not making much money. Again that does not match the data. For example: the energy practitioner community as a whole in MA makes upwards of $100 million dollars a year depending on how you look at the information. Again, that means it is not a cottage industry.
You as a practitioner, need to decide if you are a professional or a volunteer. The training requirements for certification are there because a group of your peers decided that was the minimum appropriate training standard for safe and ethical professional practice. The certification center does not make money on classes. The courses that are in the bill are there because the state requires them for professional health care practitioners. Classes in the bill are available in your state.
The NAOEP is made up of training programs that teach energy healing in the various divisions. So they are the experts in their kind of training. The NCCOEP division members are leaders in their form of energy healing.
So far we are finding that the communities are large enough to cover all the costs of establishing and maintaining the licensing board. It is a much larger community than most people realize. We are estimating well over a half a million practitioner across the US.
Our bill sets up licensing separately from Massage. It sets up a licensing board directly for energy healing practitioners. If you are already licensed in a health care discipline you do not need to recertify/license and unless the state adds dual licensing you will not need additional licensure.
We are not. That is why there are separate divisions. And we are not including massage, since it is already licensed in most states, as a health care discipline.
Take a look at the application pdf information in the Shaman division. Division experts wrote the requirements for the Shaman division and each division is unique.
No actually you do not have the right or the permission to do so. No practitioner has the right to work on another person without their express verbal permission. If you do not have the courage or connection to the person to ask about working with them then you do not have permission to work on them. The body receiving the energy will perceive it as force not healing.

Policy statement on Reiki distance attunements:

At this time there has been insufficient study done on the accuracy and success of distance attunements for Reiki practitioners. Until good quality scientific assessment of the success of those attunements have been done it is the policy of this organization that a Reiki practitioner must be attuned in person. We invite the Reiki community and particularly those individuals and groups that are supporting distance attunements to fund, develop and participate in studies so that this serious lack of information can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. If the community needs assistance in this area please feel free to contact any of the members of our scientific advisory board for assistance in developing the appropriate studies and the costs to do so.

Thank you,
The Board

Policy statement on Remote Viewing:

After many hours of dialogue with founding members of the remote viewing community it was decided that remote viewing only be used for scientific and research purposes and only within the appropriate federally approved guidelines for human studies research and animal studies research. The Alliance will be happy to revisit this decision if and when the members of the remote viewing community ask for a new decision.

For more information on this issue please contact:
the International Remote Viewing Association at