Hi All,
There are recent postings to web sites, blogs and facebook about legislation of the energy community. Most of the information on external sites is incorrect or incomplete. The regulatory process was initiated by the Federal government in 2010. Both NAOEP and NCCOEP were started so that the energy healing community would write the regulations rather than Federal or State governments. We invite you to become involved.

If you have questions about what actions are being taken in support of the community and would like the correct information please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.


To act as a professional test organization which develops, supports and promotes national standards for energy practitioners which includes ethics and standards of practice.

Our Vision

To develop, define and provide ongoing, evolving testing for energy practitioners. To aid in the promotion of the field of energy practices.
And to support the development of community and scientific input which in turn supports community defined and whenever possible, evidence based, national standards.

Our Goals

To develop licensing for energy practitioners in all applicable states. To develop quality standards for energy practitioners. To develop test measures that appropriately assess an energy practitioners skills.